Mountain Ridges

A specific variation of alpinism is going across ridges. It is difficult to resist the charm of routes across summits more or less intermittent which go up to peaks, bind different tops or simply circumvent a high-mountain cirque. Going across ridges implies being always at the top of the mountain with huge horizons in both sides. This transmits a unique feeling of freedom and grandeur. In this discipline good climbing skills are not all, since it is not a true climbing ground; safety features are few and precarious, stretches hold intermittent characteristics and there are isolated steps. Some good abilities in climbing will certainly be useful, but generally most routes are not very difficult. It is more helpful to have mountain sense, to know how to advance in tricky grounds and to have intuition and wisdom to find the right path, which is not always obvious. A review provides signs for a route overview, with the most important steps. However, what is really important is the mountaineer autonomy, to know how to move in a challenging ground and do the right steps, to know where to read rocks and understand the mountain. Mountains ridges magic involves the combination of all these features. Approaches to ridges starting points are often a hike which enables the discovery of astonishing valleys and saddles. Once this point is reached, an acrobatic game between blocks and gendarmes immediately starts. This game is never monotonous and it turns into a balanced compromise which fills the alpinist with joy.

In our territory, Pyrenees, and Pre-Pyrenees we luckily have many of these routes.

  • Season: All year.

  • Activity duration: From one to several days.

  • Mountains ridges: D’en Ferran, Peiraforca-Roc Colom, Travessani, Bessiverris, Salenques-Tempestats, Diables, Costerillou…

  • Minimum age: 18 years old.

  • Material needed by the client: ankle boots, climbing shoes, harness, helmet, suitable clothes for the activity, sunglasses, suncream, food and water.

Ask for prices.

Price includes: Qualified guide, safety material, civil liability and accident insurance.

Price does not include: Transport to the activity location, food.

General terms and conditions of activity contract

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