Toubkal massif

Very close to Marrakech, the mountain massif of Toubkal is found. It constitutes the heart of the occidental High Atlas. Here, the highest mountains of the North of Africa rise and remain covered with snow during many months. In spring, their valleys at the bottom become green meadows and fertile farming lands, irrigated by the mountains’ snow melting streams. Above these valleys, the mountains show their strong steep minerals, in which the rocks’ colours and the snow’s white merge in perfect harmony.

These beautiful lands with steep mountains have been populated since centuries by the Berber people. No one knows them better. For a long time Berbers were nomad tribes and still today some groups are nomad in this mountain range. However, most of them have settled deeply in the valleys of the Atlas, where they have built small villages and live together with the landscape harmoniously.

In these breath-taking mounts, all, hikers, trekkers or climbers, will find a suitable land to fulfil their hobbies. There is the opportunity to go across valleys with Berbers’ villages as well as enjoy the sharp ridges of volcanic rock in the highest peaks of the Toubkal massif.

The highest pic of this massif is Toubkal with 4167 mts.

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